Android 9 Pie: there is a name and official download

Google has long been hinting Android’s next version, and some beta versions have even been released. As the final release approaches, we found out that Android P stands for Android Pie, the ninth version of the OS for phones. The name has finally been unveiled, and it is a dessert, just like all the others. This time, Google has focused on AI, as we have known for weeks given its new features.

Android 9 Pie is Google’s new OS. The Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL will officially ship with Android Pie, and we will see the OS slowly but surely in other smartphones other than the Pixel lineup. Meanwhile, the new Nexus phones can now download the official version instead of the beta versions that have been available for the past few weeks. As we already knew, Android 9 Pie has new features like Adaptive Battery, which prioritizes the apps’ resource consumption in order to cleverly save power, and Adaptive Brightness.

Android 9 Pie is officially available: these are its main new features

Android 9 Pie features App Actions, a system that predicts what we are going to do next based on how we typically use the phone. For example, it open apps automatically depending on what we usually use before a sports session. The OS also applies AI to other features:┬áDigital Wellbeing, for example, is one of the new features that makes the most of the OS’ AI.

As of now, Android 9 Pie is already officially available for the Google Pixel lineup. It is only a matter of time for manufacturers to roll out their own firmware updates to smartphones. We still have to wait for an official list of the phones that will get the update. In any case, we know that new phones will ship with Android 9 Pie.