GameFly shuts down game streaming service after being bought by EA

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts (commonly known as EA) acquired GameFly, a streaming platform where gamers could rent over 8,000 games to play remotely. Now after the launch of Origin Access Premier and according to Variety, GameFly could shut down the streaming service later this month.

Founded 15 years ago, in 2002, GameFly started out as a video game rental service that mailed video game discs for a monthly fee. It was in 2015, after acquiring Shacknews and MobyGames, when the company started offering that “service update” by switching to a cloud streaming service.

So this year, the Israel-based team joined EA’s functional teams, including the central technology organization that is responsible for developing and operating Origin, the cutting-edge platform that powers EA’s leading games and services.

A little later, during E3 earlier this summer, EA showcased its new game streaming service called Origins Access Premiere, a game subscription service for Windows that was launched this week.

After it became news that GameFly shut down, GameFly’s subscribers started slamming EA. As for EA, it wanted to clarify the reasons behind the acquisition, therefore distancing itself from the shutdown: “We acquired the team in Israel and the technology they’ve developed, we did not acquire the GameFly streaming service. We have not been involved in any decisions around the service.”

Although it seems hard to believe, it seems the shutdown had already been decided on before EA acquired GameFly.

However, it seems that GameFly’s shutdown will only affect the streaming service, as the company plans to continue its disc-based game rentals through mail. The last day of support for the streaming service will be August 31, so accounts will not be charged after that date.